New Concept Car Rides Up Vertically, Turns Balcony

Parking woes and traffic congestion are a bane of our generation. But that they will get more intense as the years pass, is something all of us live in the dread of. True that technology research is moving in the direction of compact cars. Metromorph fits the urgent need just right, and takes care of the traffic and parking woes bit. It’s a concept straight out of the sci-fi movies, where vehicles can move up a building up vertically. The concept car has been made by designer Roman Mistiuk.

While one of its key functions is to ease traffic congestion in big cities, it takes care of the dearth of parking space availability to residents of apartment buildings in a big metropolitan area, just as business districts can sit pretty with the ease in parking woes.

This car, can ride smooth on the roads, has two in-wheel motors on its rear besides two battery cases, its wheels are hidden inside the structure, has rotating arms that can help a vertical and horizontal drive. The car, can ride vertically in what they call the Balcony mode, meaning, it turns 90 deg to become a balcony.

Metromorph Concept Car with Balcony
Metromorph Concept CarMetromorph Concept CarWhen it turns a balcony, its seats are positioned on a rolling base that allows them to become lounge chair for the user to relax in. Wishing it comes true? Wait till it becomes real.

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Metromorph Concept Balcony Car

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