Michael Jackson’s Belongings on Display in O2 Centre

London’s O2 Centre saw a number of Michael Jackson memorabilia being displayed and exhibited. His prized possessions were on display for his fans and lovers who flocked to the centre from all over the world.

A horse carousel, toys, a crown, a throne and numerous portraits were amongst his personal belongings which fans could see in a rare chance. Some of the other exhibits included the rocket ship that was used in his Leave Me Alone video and also the zombies from Thriller. After his death, interest in Michael’s life and his souvenirs have taken the world by surprise and even belongings that are mundane have become priced collectibles and cost millions of pounds.

It is rather strange that people are never valued when they are alive but when they die, everyone seems to value them a lot. Of course, they are forgotten again after sometime. In a world that is dominated by materialistic pursuits, there is little time for anything else. That can’t be criticised either for that is how we humans are: materialistic. Those who disagree are nothing but hypocrites.

Via: Luxist

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