Senseo Limited Edition by Philips Makes Your Cup of Coffee More Luxurious

There is nothing better than a hot cup of coffee to soothe your nerves and improve your mood, and especially if you have a luxurious coffee machine, you would definitely want to drink more of that wonderful cup of coffee. Philips has launched an opulent coffee machine called the Senseo Limited Edition which has been dsigned Marcel Wanders.

The Senseo Limited Edition almost looks bejewelled and the idea of having such a contemporary design in the kitchen is a very appealing idea. The Senseo Limited Edition comes in red and black and only 50,000 copies would be made available in France. Each of these coffee makers cost 120 Euros, and I must say that since it is a luxury product, it certainly is worth that much.


If you notice the embroidered design, you could understand the amount of hard work and effort that has been put into each of these coffee containers. However, do not expect this coffee container to work as a modern machine would, and it is just in the name that it is a machine otherwise it is a wonderful piece of art. Go ahead and get one for yourself before the whole of France purchases it.


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