AlterG: Float Free in New Anti-Gravity Treadmill

Tired of the treadmill that pains your knees and ankles? Or has your exercising dream crumpled because of some serious leg trouble? Did you know you could actually exercise in zero gravity and with hardly any pain?
Unless it was about swimming in water, or a ride up in space, it was near impossible till now. But AlterG M300 Anti-Gravity Treadmill makes possible exactly that.

The treadmill is meant only for the really rich. It has a price tag of $ 24,500, and will be available on sale from next month.

How does it work? It creates enough air pressure inside its enclosure to create near vacuum. It uses differential air pressure around your lower body, to lift you up.

The machine then allows you to exercise by moving your legs in 20 per cent less gravity or any differential space between that and normal gravity.

The overpriced version is already being used by 50 per cent of NBA teams and many NFL teams besides some college athletic schedules. In near future, the machines may well make it to your neighbourhood gym.
AlterG is surely a gift for those athletes recovering from injuries, the elderly who must exercise but have no energy or muscle power for it, and patients who need exercise.
Via: AlterG
AlterG Treadmill

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  • Too bad Alter-G can’t prove anything they claim. Their “clinical research” are actually case studies from PT’s. Not MD’s, not IRB studies. They’ve been around since 2005 and no real science. They are claiming medical benefits. Let me quote a couple from their own web site

    1. Neuromuscular and proprioceptive re-training. Newton or common sense cover that?
    2. Lowers the risk of falling. Really? Any studies to support that claim?
    3. Improves neuromuscular control and activity and promotes brain plasticity. I don’t see any studies on this claim either.

    Alter-G should prove their claims or stop making them.

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