Andy Shaw & Robert Silkstone Create Timeless Watches, Britannic & Vanguard-Precision

Automotive designers Andy Shaw and Robert Silkstone like to keep themselves busy. So apart from designing cool cars, lately they had been spending a lot of time to develop their first range of watches. We are told that they took almost two years to work on the concept. And the result? Britannic and Vanguard-Precision. These are the names of the two timepieces that will blow you away and burn a hole in you purse too.

We are told that the two watches draw a lot from the designers’ background in the automotive world. In fact, intensive techniques like spark erosion and wire-EDM machining have all been very cleverly combined with laser engraving. For creating Britannic, the inner case of the watch has been CNC machined. It holds six rare 10 BA screws that were used back in the days of the British Empire. A pattern influenced by the Fibonacci sequence can be seen on the laser cute face of the watch. On the other hand, Vanguard precision has a brown leather calfskin strap with natural colored stitching. Its face reminds one of the flow of cotton through the cloth mills of northern England. It also carries the slogan “Come Into The Factories.”

Since a lot of time goes into making these, the designer duo has decided to limit their production to only 15 units each. The automotive engineering methods have been meshed with the traditional heritage of northern England to craft each of these spectacular timepieces. The price tag of $8,000 might make you scream!


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