Tray To Help You Cut Equal Cake Pieces

How often have you fought over a piece of cake? Probably every time there was this cake-cutting occasion and especially if it is a flavor that you loved. The fights may be friendly. But somewhere deep down there is this feeling of `I should have got more’ when the cake is cut.

To avoid such minor skirmishes that could at times threaten the mood of a celebration, someone has come up with something really innovative – a Musical Cake Tray from Deni. How exactly does a tray help cut the cake? After all, you need a knife for it!

Just press a button and the tray will play you the most essential Happy Birthday song. You may or may not have forgotten the wordings of this song, but in any case, it will help with the wordings. Not just that, a ring of LED lights will help you evenly cut anywhere between two and 12 pieces of the cake, or a large pastry. This one must be a breather when parties have too many children wanting their bigger piece of the cake!

Although this tray is designed particularly for cake cutting, you can use it on your favourite pizza too. A good buy, but sells at $ 59,99. Didn’t you wish you got it for free!
Via: Ohgizmo
Cake Tray Cuts Equal Pieces

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