Quit Sprint, This Treadmill Helps You Cardio Walk

Fitness aces will tell you that an effective cardio workout is all about getting your heart rate into the right training mode. Cardio exercises do not need you to sprint.

Mobia Treadmill’s simple innovation has in it the right mix for your workout. The treadmill by Nautilus gets you to walk forward like on any other treadmill. But then here, you also step up like it is a moving stair. The workout is intense because of this with the motion of an elliptical.

The maximum speed on this treadmill is four miles per hour, and its three in one motion gets you results you may get through a sprint, even at a walking pace. Thereby you save your joints and muscles.

How exactly does it do this? It activates your lower body and core muscles through the walking. When you step forward and up, the machine rises to meet your foot. Your natural movement pushes the surface down through resistance. A study by New York’s Adelphi University says Mobia burned twice the number of calories than 30 minutes on a treadmill of same speed.

Via: Mobia, Reuters
Mobia Treadmill

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