Love Connection: It’s a New Concept Phone

It is something that reminds us of childhood games with cords and cups playing the phone game, a long cord connecting the two `phones’ while the players talk to each other. Or for that matter, a romantic rendezvous. But Korean designer has been influenced by more than that in designing a concept phone – what he calls, the `love connection’ cellphone.

Joonho Choi has been inspired by the yin and yang energies. The cellphone device consists of two parts, which are connected by retractable or stretchable cord. The cellphone doubles up as a medium to entertain the user too. It doubles up as an MP3 player and triples as a small camera. The concept phone can also convert data to share with friends and associates. When the two parts are split, or rather when you pull the cord connecting the two pieces away, one part can still work as a phone while the other can work as an MP3 player.

Love Connection PhoneThe three-in-one phone would have its share of admirers once it is out in the market. At least, that what its pictures promise.

Via: Designboom

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