LED Eyelashes: Crazy Thought, Bizarre Result

It’s something you or me would not have thought of ever…decorating eyelashes with LEDs. Bizarre is the first word that comes to your mind when you look at the pictures displaying the LED eye-lashes.

In some strange way, designed by artist Soomi Park, the LED eyelashes have been intended to compensate `Asian women’s’ desire for bigger eyes. It is rather unlikely that wearing LEDs instead of the delicate eye-lashes would enhance the size of eyes at all. More so, would women really go in for something so artificial even if their urge to get bigger eyes is strong?

An effort of this nature would have been appreciated if put up in an art gallery as a strong statement the artist wanted to express, or to depict an out-of-box theatric character. It looks too far-fetched take it beyond a Halloween party, the least as a statement of beauty.

The lashes are attached to a tilt sensor so when you tilt your head in specific directions, the lashes light up. Sounds toyish, somewhat like those kids’ shoe lights that glow with a noise when they walk.

Via: Soomi Park, Fashioning Tech, Makezine
LED eyelashes

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