Bracelet-Purse of Emu Feathers

A bracelet. A pochette. And apparenetly meant for that social do you want to stand apart in. A new Ale Feature Bracelet Pochette.

What’s different about this is that it is layered with coque and emu features. At one level you could call it bizarre too, or tribal. Not sure if nature enthusiasts would buy a thing of this sort. But in terms of quality it gets hard to beat because of the nest-like luxurious laser-etched leather pieces creating a different effect.

It is almost like feathers falling from a mini towel hanger or a curtain clip. It shapes up like a feather too.
The feather motif is mirrored on the antique finished, 18K gold-plated bracelet that could add style to your wrist. It is hummingbird green in colour and is lined with rich silk satin. The piece measures 12 inches by five inches by 1.5 inches. It has a convenient zip to close it and open it. Yet, the pochette costs a little high even if your pockets are deep. After all, it is not Swarovski crystals etched on the piece, but bird feathers! And they are rare. Are you still willing to shell $ 2,195 for it? Take a call.

Via: Vivre
Ale Feather Bracelet Purse

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  • i use both gold and silver bracelets because for me, they are both great bracelets to wear.

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