Fly in Spirit With PW-747 Cowling Bar

Aeroplanes are always a fascination. And so are products made from their parts. Products manufactured from parts of those flying metal birds always find their share of passionate fans. If you have always longed to own a piece of that plane you so loved to fly by, here is yet another chance. The latest in line of such products is the MotoArt 747 Cowling Bar.

The name says it all. It is made from genuine cowling that once formed the covering of Pratt and Whitney jet engine of a Boeing 747. What is unique is that it looks sleek and stylish despite the hardened metal used in it. The bar has a half-inch tempered glass counter, mirror-polished aluminum braces or stand-offs, a hardwood bar counter, bottom shelves for storage.

What sets it apart is the look – futuristic and elite. It looks good with the techno look Ejection Chair barstools. And can liven up any bar environment with its pure white elegance. Grab the thing if you have those heavy purse bags with strings waiting to loosen.

Via: MotoArt
PW-747 Cowling Bar

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