The Sled Coffee Table Is Like A Breath Of Fresh ‘N’ Cold Winter Air

How does a wooden sled doubling up as a coffee table sound to you? Good, we hope. Because our creative instincts have been quite impressed with this cool idea to add a dose of the winter inside the living room as you sip on that perfect brew with the cosy group you always like to hang out with.

The Sled Coffee Table is being sold with its very own Snow White Rug. Available at Duffy London, this one has a a price tag of 595 European Pounds. It is actually shaped like a traditional child’s sled that sits comfy into a thick white rug with two deep grove cuts to fit in the skis. The whole scene gives the impression of compressed snow inside your home.

The dimensions of this coffee table are (L)112x (W)57 x (H) 26 cm while the rug spreads around (L)190x (W)115. You can place your order online. The delivery takes approximately 4-6 weeks with the option of a speedier delivery only if specifically desired at the time of placing the order. We don’t think they are charging extra for the shipping.

Via duffylondon

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