Symbol of Love? No Diamond Ring This, A Titanium Bicycle Gift

What could be the limit of luxury? Surpassing all barriers in giving that touch of luxury to things worldly, an anniversary gift by her husband left Digi Foo-Kune floored. A Mughal Emperor once got an entire tomb built in marble for his wife, albeit posthumously. Luxury holidays, cruises, and diamonds are the order of today in anniversary gifting. Digi Foo-Kune’s husband took her to the Cycle Show 2009 and gave her an ultimate, yet unusual surprise – a custom built titanium bicycle.

What’s more, it has inset diamonds and 18ct gold parts. It wears this sleek look but that is just part of it. A lot of hard work went into building the bike. Jeweller Nicholas James of Hatton Garden to customize the bike. Not so surprisingly, building the bike took several months of labour to complete.

Would someone ever want to take this bike out into the open and ride it among people? The dazed wife cannot too, for a while, because the magnificent piece will be on display at Nicholas James’ showroom in Hatton Garden till December end.

Titanium Bicycle Anniversary GiftSo it is not before the year turns that she can soar on roads riding the once-in-lifetime experience piece. The bicycle costed Foo-Kune’s husband £10,000.
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Anniversary Gift Titanium Bike

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