Glossy Lipstick Will Shine Up Your Living Room In An Unabashed Style

Expect Sand & Birch to give us the unexpected when it comes to modern furniture. The brand has indeed given us some furniture designs that are as unique as the moon and the earth. Names like the Diamond Sofa, Lu Armchair as well as the Winebag wine cellar made in co-operation with Ellemme have set a benchmark of their own. Now, the duo of Andrea Fino and Samanta Snidaro have decided to go a wee bit snazzy with the Glossy Lipstick. No this isn’t a cosmetic but trust us it will add the same magic to your living room as a lipstick does to an early morning face.

We are talking about an extraordinary sofa or should we say piece of seating that has been made by using glass and lexan with a clear silicone coating to seal the deal.

A very interesting design, this one screams for attention with such an immodesty that you are completely taken by it. Decided upon as a limited edition, the Glossy Lipstick will have only six pieces available. Hurry if you desire those sexy lips!

Via thinklux
Glossy Lipstick-Sand&Birch

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