Innovative Design: Out of the Box Laptop Case

The in-thing to keep your laptop safe while on move is the standardized thin-padding bag that one assumes rather than is assured of, to keep the expensive gadget safe. If you love your laptop for dear life, you have less to worry about its safety and more to indulge. Odyssey Cases for protecting laptops goes many steps ahead in doing some heavy-duty laptop protection.

The firm offers this watertight, dust-proof, impact-resistant laptop case that comes with a diced foam interior. It is called VU200711HW. Too big to carry to work every day, but can definitely move through airport baggage. Have you not been paranoid about checked-in baggage anytime?

The design is innovative no doubt, but looks bigger than the regular cases one carries for clothes. So you may use this for really heavy-duty purposes while opting for the normal cases on other occasions, unless you are a laptop safety freak.

Its standard interiors include a comfortable carrying handle, pressure release valve and padlock loops. Some models have a pull out handle and loop. Go for it if the bulky look does not intimidate you.

Via: Odyssey Cases, Core77

Odyssey Laptop Case

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