EV-Cub: Honda’s New Electric Two-Wheeler?

Honda has released images of several new eco-friendly two-wheelers it will probably present at the Tokyo Motor Show later this month. Motorcycle Future. That is what Honda hopes throught its small electric two-wheelers.

EV-Cub electric motorcycle is one of them, besides EVE-neo electric scooter and its already announced PCX global scooter. The motorcycle offers more stability and traction than its rear-wheel cousins, as touted. It could be a lot more easier to learn too, for riders who are just beginning to get their ropes in driving.

The 2WD bike EV-Cub can ferry riders around on its retro-styled frame early 2010. Of late, big names other than Honda, like Yamaha, Ohlins, Christini and KTM have also been working on 2WD (two-wheel drive) motorcycles.
Honda however is all ready to commercialize a 2WD motorcycle, or at least an electric one. EV-Cub has features like the car2car, car2driver communication tool and also has electric motors in front and rear wheels.

Traction advantages of vehicles like EV-Cub are primarily on loose surfaces and wet roads. This one is also slimmer than a normal motorbike. It may be to make optimum use of its lower power.

EV-Cub Honda Electric Scooter

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