Chic Bathtub by Spiritual Mode

It looks part spa like and part space-ship. But a bath in this aesthetically designed elegant bathtub can give you an out-of-world experience. At least that is what the buzz is about.

Circular, yet smooth, chic, yet homely, this bathtub makes it look easy fashion and function usability. The Beignet Bathtub has been brought out by Spiritual Mode.

Its hinges made of metal are classily crafted. And the product is designed to stay sturdy as much as it is designed to relax and rejuvenate. And how is that done?

Water fills up in the trough through two really cool looking modern faucets. Its soft and round shape calms you when it flows on to the base of the tub. On the other hand, the look of a compressed space-ship gives it that techno –modern feel that you would long for in a bathroom. Bathroom luxury has been undergoing a great deal of innovation over the years. This bathtub is a step in that direction. One is not sure if you would be comfortable in it after getting used to conventional rectangular bathtubs though.

Via: Trendir
Spiritual Mode's Beignet bathtub

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