Turn this Newly Designed Umbrella into a Bag After Rain

Rainy season woes with umbrellas are not new. One wishes there were more innovative ways to replace the spread-out units. Remember how you fret while trying to dry the umbrella after getting home on a rainy day! Or imagine getting stuck at a public place with a dripping umbrella and having to leave it at the tub at the entrance! Is it stolen? It’s a worry that bogs you right through.

But while that seems a far cry, we can settle for something that helps them seem less fussy. And how is that possible?
Designer Seung Hee Son has helped ease our woes a little. Seung Hee Son’s invention makes sure you can catch the dripping water instead. The designer has simply has converted the umbrella that opens up, inside out after use, by fully inverting into a small bag. Dripping water then falls into the bag and not on to the floor.

Inside Out UmbrellaWhile resembling a tote, this Inside Out Umbrella also saves you the embarrassment of walking into a crowd with water dripping from it, or worrying about a slippery wet floor around home.

Inside Out Umbrella

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Inside Out Umbrella

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