Tiny & Adorable, Micro Pigs Are A Great Pet Option

In our modern lifestyles, there is one more thing that is increasingly becoming a concern – folks are not keeping pets at home. Yeah, yeah it is the space crunch again. Well, there is a solution. There are cute micro pigs available at the luxury  pet center which weigh nothing less than 9 oz at birth. And when they grow, the adult version measures to just 14 inches and weigh 65 pounds.

As of now they are being bred by Jane Croft and cost $1,100 each. These piggies get their genetic material from Miniature Pot Bellied pigs and other breeds like Tamworths, Kune une and Gloucester Old Spots. And as for their behavior, these cuddly beasts are very affectionate and can be toilet trained too. Also, they don’t make any fuss during eating contrary to what is popularly believed about pigs. These micro pigs are already being touted as the ideal solution for people who seek to have pets but cannot because of their small houses. Also, they are a great option if you are allergic to cat fur.

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  • Micro pigs are incredibly smart and a lot of fun. Smarter than dogs in fact, so its easy to see why people love them so much. They make for hours of fun. Warning: Please make sure you are buying from a reputable breeder, there are a lot of scams out there and unfortunately people are riding on the back of the micro pig craze. Always ask to see the parents. Thanks UkMicroPigs

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