Iz Airan Maker: Makes Delightful Turkish Airan

Turkey isn’t just famous for good-looking Tarkan singing Simarik. The Turkish drink Ayran (or Airan) is so popular that it is served throughout the Balkans, the Mid East and has even made its way to the rest of the world. The blend of yoghurt and water with a pinch of salt is served chilled and is an important part of the Turkish culture.

The Turks are extremely proud of their fascinatingly rich culture and their attachment to this is evident in this design for an Airan maker. Airan has travelled the world over and is known in different names but has retained its status as a Turkish drink and the Iz Airan Maker also leaves a mark upon the hands of the user in the same manner. Designed by Ahmet Bektes, Irem Celik, and Koray Gelmez, the blender has an elastomer seal which leaves an intricate flower pattern on the user’s palm, proving to everyone the fact that you’ve made the drink.

The Iz Airan Maker was designed especially for the preparation of the Turkish drink but the rotating mixer of the steel shaker is good enough to blend pretty much most drinks of your choice. So, what do you feel like tonight?

IZ airan maker

Via: AhmetBektes/IremCelik/KorayGelmez
IZ airan maker

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