The Vulcan Stove Fireplace Saves Up On Space Big Time

It’s not an easy decision to install a fireplace in our modern homes, because space is always an issue. But we have one very well-thought of fireplace concept that will fit perfectly in your homes without cramping up any space. Called the Vulcan Stove Fireplace, this beauty is a hearth that comes attached with a whole number of shelves.

So you can well imagine the multiple uses you can put this one to. The designer behind this very practical and useful fireplace is Arthur Senant. Again, the very interesting and unusual design will definitely make the firplace an intrinsic part of your modern home decor which forever strives to be unique and clutter free.

It runs on wood (so we are not very sure of the eco-friendly bit) and promises to keep you cosy all those chilly days head while keeping your aesthetics intact with that white metal finishing.




Via yankodesign

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