Giant Cupcake Car to Amuse Kids

A Giant Cupcake. Not a real one though. And expensive at that. It’s a `car’ shaped like a Cupcake and costs a whopping $ 25,000. It comes with a matching hat though. What would something so colourful come into use for except a city of national festival tableau?

If you check further, each electrically powered ‘cake can travel seven miles-an-hour, in addition to looking slurpy enough to be eaten up. Materials used to make it are not flour and sugar though. They are sheet metal, wire, fabric and wood. Each cake is custom-designed.

And can be used to give your little ones a great time in their life with not just its sheer appearance, but using it as a brave new toy as well. You could quite have a bunch of kids running after you if you are riding one of these Cupcake Cars, not to hit you but bite off the car! It’s a great amusement to have around home if you are not living in a crammed space. Ideal to ride around in a huge compound. It runs on a 24 volt electric motor and a heavy duty battery. And was designed by artist Lisa Pongrace.

Via: Dvice, Neatorama, Neiman Marcus
Giant Cupcake Car

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