Living Room in a PC Processor

Indulgence can go places. Even into that tiny space between the chip boards of a PC. Look closely. The origin of these pictures is not known, but they speak volumes of the innovation that could take place in the brain cells of an individual. But they were put up on a Russian website.

Imagine the world of a family getting so beautifully entrenched in a PC! With the Motherboard and other PC chip elements for company, this sure is a thing to marvel at. It is almost as if an entire family of little people lives there, right in the middle of those metal boards! On the other hand it looks also like a dollhouse, replete with a sofa, a recliner chair, and a cozy computer. What sets this one apart from the rest is its designing detail.

PC Processor DollhouseLook at that lampshade, that actually glows! It is connected to one of the PC’s accessory power circuits. A bottle of Coke, an New York Times paper are around too, and a flower basket to rev up its look.

Via: Technobob, Forum Modding
Living Room in a PC Processor

PC Processor Dollhouse

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