Iridium Ring by American Elements is a Rare Piece of Art

American Elements is an LA based jewellery maker that specializes in rare metals and their usage in stylish pieces of jewels. They have just created a ring made of Iridium which is one of the toughest metals in the world.

Iridium has a high melting temperature and at 4,435 degree Fahrenheit, it is more than 2000 degrees above gold. It is very hard, tough, brittle and difficult to design with. It comes with a deep grey shine and it doesn’t fade easily. The best part is it is highly resistant and does not corrode easily. The Iridium ring costs $2,530 and is one of the most luxurious rings ever.

If you have the money, just go ahead and get the ring and moreover it is not very expensive and at $2,530 it can easily be purchased by anyone. Iridium ring can be flashed at parties and big dos so that people think you are part of the elite crust of the society, though you may not be so.

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