TV Armor to Shield your Plasma or LED

When you shell your precious cash for those LEDs and Plasma televisions, you do not quite get prepared for a day they could actually crack up and fall to bits.

Imagine the heartbreak then! If you have a household full of kids, it could be the worst nightmare in your recession hit months. Protecting your TV from accidental hits like theirs, is the only option. How on earth can that be done? TV Armor steps in right there.

It is a simple protector, a durable acrylic shield that is nothing byt a quarter inch thick layer of optical grade plastic. The beauty of this is that it will protect your TV no doubt, but not in any way interfere with the picture quality.

How to fix it? Slide it over your Plasma or LED screen, fasten its straps and sleep easy over flying remotes and devilish crayons attacking the screen.
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The Armor is available in prices ranging from $ 69 to $ 289. Worth it if you have potential hazards around TV.

Via: TV Armor, Technabob
TV Armor for LED or Plasma Screen TVs

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