Stunning Spider Silk Tapestry On Display At Natural History Museum NYC

There is one piece of cloth that is driving a lot of people to come to the American Natural History Museum in NYC. We are talking about a magnificent textile made from extremely soft but strong silk fiber that comes from a local spider. Measuring an impressive 11 feet by 4 feet, this one took four long years to be designed and woven.

We are told that this is a one of its kind piece of textile ever exhibited in the world. The silk fiber that has made jaws drop comes from the female orb spider, which is a species famed for its yellow-hued webs. These spiders were collected from telephone wires everyday by a host of people by using long poles. In fact, these giant spiders are also commonly found in Madagascar. So, these were silked and then released back into the wild every day.

The museum has a very fascinating video on the making of this tapestry with interviews from people like Simon Peers and Nicholas Godley who initiated this endeavor. Apparently, the dup shelled out close to half a million dollar for this little feat.

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