Batmobile: Batman’s Car in New Avatar

New only in a sense. Probably built by an ardent Batman fan who spent a whopping one million US dollars over 3.5 years to make this machine from a 1973 Lincoln Continental, this one is based on an old Batmobile model off the Batman comics.

But then, it takes a true Batman fan to devote as many as 20,000 working outs to complete the machine! It was spotted on the streets of Stockholm and sports the typical Batmobile gadgetry. Machine guns, video cameras to see behind you when you drive, bodywork that is flexible in height, and even a plasma TV.

Although Batmobile appeared in Batman comics as 1939, it has been built for and used in live action series for television and in the movies many times over since the 1950s.

Batmobile in StockholmBatmobile in Stockholm

Originally a Sedan when it appeared, it has gone through several modifications in the comics and off them. Whatever be the number of avatars and adaptations it has gone through, even spotting a vehicle of this sort is a matter of fascination for the millions of Batman fans across the globe.

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Batmobile from Stockholm Street

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