i-Scoob: Snowmobile For Arctic Ride

Snow riding is something every urban creature sweating away between high-rises dreams of. The thought of having to push through the vagaries of nature with all body force and those bumpy rides is however not so welcoming. How about having a snow car that does not push you up and down the ice snow slopes alone, but does that more functional role of transporting you? i-Scoob serves that purpose.

A luxury vehicle, snowmobile is meant for two people, has a hybrid internal combustion engine and has also a joystick to make way through the snow.

The vehicle’s engine can be charged with an electricity socket, fold out solar panels and batteries that can be tucked away in its storage – a blessing for unusual terrains! You do not quite have to get wet in the snow to enjoy the thrills though. The snowmobile’s body looks dashing and so does its techno design and is particularly designed for the arctic ice terrains.

Via: diseno-art

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