Craigerators: Cool Beer Boxes and Taps These!

A beer dispenser that floors you with looks! Kegerators, aka beer dispensers designed by Craig Jones are examples of whacky brainwork in design. What’s more. They double up for superb ideas to recycle anything old! They are remodelled refrigerators and resemble your coffee dispensers at the workplace. Aptly called Craigerators, they come in fiery reds and cool blues with jazzy designs, enough to rock any party.

The iPod Kegerator by Craig Jones, named Fire and Ice, for instance, has a Bose Speaker dock in the front door. It also has neon lights at its bottom. The overflow from the tap goes back into the Kegerator door to keep it from spilling on the mug.

There are other designs too, like the Raidator with its silver and black finish, Woody with a staid pale blue and wood finish, the Devil May Care and Hardcore kegerators with the red and black combination! To top the whacky names list, is Bone Box, replete with a danger sign, though it spills only beer, not blood.

Out-of-box designs are expensive, just as ideas. So Craigators could cost you as much as a car. Not a big deal if you’re pockets are deep.

Via: Craigerators
Bone Box Craigerator

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