Word Clock: Read The Time!

Since the creation of clocks, they have come a long way in both the working and design. You can pretty much find any type of clock that you could desire for these days. Whether you have a liking for glow in the dark Mickey Mouse watches like Robert Langdon or something studded with a filthy amount of diamonds, you can get it.

Those who have trouble reading the multiple hands of old-type watches can get over their embarrassment by opting for a digital clock that tells you the time in numbers, but how about getting yourself a clock that will actually read out the time for you. MAKE subscriber Doug was inspired to make himself the DIY Word Clock after he found one on the site and this clock could seriously make the dyslexic uncomfortable.

Instead of showing numbers of circling hands, the watch reveals the time in letters. Doug’s remake is slightly better than the original, plus it even has his name (and probably that of his girlfriend’s) on it. So, are you eady to make your own?

Via: Instructables
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