Carpet Radio Makes You Work For Your Music

In this age of iPods and cell phones with mp3 players, not many people own a radio and the thought of buying one will have you immediately declared most square. Then again, the people who would consider you made for thinking of buying a radio have probably not heard of the Human Antenna.

The Human Antenna was designed by Florian Krautli as a graduation project at Design Academy Eindhoven this year and it looks nothing like what you would expect a radio to look like. The radio includes a carpet that requires the individual to prance upon it and act as the antenna for the radio. Step barefoot upon the carpet made of conducive thread and work to get the signal just right.

Just like the pull-out antenna of a retro radio, the individual standing on the carpet will receive the radio signals making it possible for you to listen to the signal. Unfortunately, the carpet looks way too comfortable to try getting some radio signals on and will give you ideas that have nothing to do with a radio

Check out the video of the radio in action.

Via: UberGizmo

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