Aiming 365 mph on two wheels at age 62

Denis Manning, a motorcycle enthusiast who has ripped on two wheelers since he was 16, aims to touch 365 miles per hour on his Bub Seven Streamliner, a uniquely shaped two-wheeler.

He is 62. And is leading his team in a campaign to reclaim his own piston-driven streamlined motorcycle world speed record that he broke twice. His land speed world records kickstarted when he was all of 28. For this, Denis Manning must drive 365 miles per hour at the Bonneville Salt Flats. Experts say it is as good as a journey between New York and Los Angeles.

The machine lover’s feathers on cap include many feats to be proud of. He has built a 1966 Honda 450 cc supercharged motorcycle capable of a 11.8 second, 130 mph quarter-mile. Harley-Davidson streamliner piloted by Cal Rayborn claimed the piston-driven streamlined motorcycle world speed record at 265 miles per hour as early as 1970.

In 1976, he founded Bub Enterprises. Bub Seven Streamliner, is his latest and seventh creation.

Denis Manning with Bub Seven Streamliner

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