Jesus Christ Gets A Crystallised Avatar Thanks To Quinn Gregory’s Creativity

Quinn Gregory’s love for crystals isn’t any thing new. The talented designer has an uncanny knack for sculpting magificent artworks made from the sparkling ices that never go wrong. Yes, we mean they are never the sorts to give you an overdose of crystals, everything is in thr right amounts. Recently, we got to see the skull sculpture that was brought to life thanks to some 8,000 Swarovksi crystals and some gorgeous blue sapphires. And now it is a beautiful sculpture of Jesus Christ that has got the man in news all over again.

Called Infinite Hope this artwork is set to participate in an art competition. The winner will be granted acash price of $50,000. The sculpture of the Christian God has been made froma combination of wood, foam and crystals. The finishing has been done in metallic paint complete with a shiny look.

We are informed that it took Gregory close to ten months to decorate the Jesus Christ sculpture in 250,000 Swarovksi crystals while the base itself was created in 4.5 months.

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