The Most Expensive Chinese Stamp Ever

Philately is an expensive passion. Who knew that the stamp we mostly choose to ignore on our envelope can actually hold the key to millions. In fact, in the present time the written letter itself is getting so antiquated that we have a sneaky feeling that in the times to come one might be auctioning off letters for a whole lot of money. Well, all this has been the build-up to the news we are about to share about a stamp belonging to the bygone era that has ruffled the philately feathers.

This stamp is Chinese and belongs to the Qing Dynasty. And believe it or not but this one sold for a huge $331,000 in Hong Kong. We are informed that this one is an extremely rare 1897 small one-dollar over print on a three-cent Chinese Red Revenue stamp.

A Beijing resident bought this stamp which is being celebrated as the most expensively sold single Chinese stamp ever. It is the famous red printing that really worked upon the charm here. Such bill stamps with postage were transitionally ysed by custom in the long past.

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