Cactus Designers Have An Innovative Makeover For The Home Bar

Home bars are many. So which one do you choose for it is sure that one of the conventional designs that you pick for yourself will end up in more than a few more houses. Cactus Designers have attempted to bring a change to the scene with a very futuristic makeover for the bar. This organisation is based in Lyon and consists of some very talented French freelance designers who are passionate about innovating within the home environment.

The work we are talking about works by the principles of a lounge bar and can be wall-mounted too. The entire concept based on the cabinet-like design very interestingly merges the home bar with the rest of your furniture. There are three seperate compartments in the bar hat preserves the finest of your wines at the temperatures they need to be stored in.

The extreme left side of the cabinet functions as the service area. It also has a silver ice dispenser as well as a suspended tray for mixing drinks. There are plenty of integrated lighting too to add to your drinking atmosphere. We are told that the design is inspired by the patches of the ice floe with frost effect.

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  • Some interesting features in this bar design. Wouldn’t want to mix drinks over the top of a couch though. Alcohol + balancing = spills.

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