Tullio Fabbri Makes Celebrities Wait Five Years For $175,000 Custom Shotgun

You might not have a trophy room in your house where you keep the stuffed heads of your hunting conquests but you might have dreamed of such a possibility for years. In this case, you probably also have a great hunting rifle in mind. Get rid of that old and boring image immediately and shadow the rich and famous by calling up Tullio Fabbri.

Tullio Fabbri is one of the most revered gun makers of Italy and his custom made shotguns are so popular that there is a waiting list for the product; a waiting list five years long! The Fall issue of The Wall Street Journal reports this fact along with more information on this strangely popular shotgun. Extremely lightweight, the locking mechanism of the shotgun is coated with diamond dust which helps increase durability. The metal work has Brescian engraving that gives it an ancient and festive Western look.

Only 30 of the special shotguns are made every years and it takes the craftsmen 400-600 hours for the Brescian engraving. The shotgun costs $175,000 and the engravings can add $50,000 and more to the price of the gun. It’s no wonder that Fabbri’s popularity even reaches artists like Steven Spielberg and Thalia.

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