Originatic’s Wall-Mountable Computer Gets a Patent

Originatic’s Wall-Mountable Computer is one of its kinds and has just been awarded a new patent. The patent was awarded to the computer’s uniqueness which is being marketed as the Smart Leaf. It is a wall mounted design and the key board is “fadeout”. It could also be used a s a laptop or a desktop with minor changes in the position.

The Smart Leaf can be used as a kiosk as it occupies no space, is efficient and very easy to use. It costs $1,982 and comes with ouch screen, webcam, TV tuner, WIFI, scratch resistance, splash-proofing, keyboard lock, and power lock. It actually has 7 active patents and about 17 pending ones in about 12 countries.

It is also one of the most popular computer designs in the world today. It would be amazing to have it in places like hotels, hospitals etc where people can look for information easily. So go ahead and get it for yourself, before a lot of people start using it.

Via: Press Release

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