Obscura’s CueLight Leaves A Ripple-y Trail Behind The Balls

And we never knew there was a faint possibility to make pool even more addictive than it actualy is! Enter Obscura and its wonderful knack of adding a lot of chutzpah to whatever little project it plans to take up. This time around it is the CueLight that has caught everyone’s fancy. This innovative pool table makes use of sensors and motion detectors along with an overhead projector. The latter creates images as you go about leaping on the table.

This system works well because the balls can now be tracked and tailed with fire illusions. In fact, the pool table can also create ripples when the balls strike the side rails. All this comes for a price, and might we add a big one too. $80,000 is what the system costs while the pool table comes for nothing less than $125,000. So we are thinking whether the system will work on the old pool table lying in your attic?

The fun is ultimate and the price is high. Venture into the store to buy this one only if you have a strong heart and a hefty bank balance.



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obscura cue light

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