Look Smarter with Make it Up!

Everybody wants to look good and smart. Well, it’s to spiff up a little more but with a different approach without having to preen in front of the mirror for a long time. Get your favorite make over done with “Make it up”. This make-up machine helps you improve your appearance. It has three modes TRENDS, CREATIVE or SAVED, which will be shown to you after the machine takes a picture of yours.

After choosing your desired category, you can check in the preview whether the look suits you or not. Once you decide on the look, you must place your chin on the marked place on the machine, and close your eyes. In the case of TRENDS, the machine then sprays the user defined make-up on your face giving you a harmonic perfect make-up.

In case you choose the CREATIVE mode, you can decide between defined patterns and perfect color transitions. Simply press the SAVED button for you to do the same make-up next time. Oh what a cool way of looking better! I am sure most narcissists will fall in love with this supercool machine.

Via: UniAk

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