Koenigsegg CCXR Launches the Trevita

In the whole big bad world, there are just six Koenigsegg CCXRs and that is perhaps what makes them so special and worthy of buying or owning. Now, the Koenigsegg company has decided to manufacture a limited edition version of CCXR called the Trevita which becomes ever more rare and thus extremely desirable.

The car comes with a complete carbon fibre body and there is also this exclusive diamond weave which makes it a nice thing to own. The car has been manufactured in Sweden and there is no reason why you should not go ahead and get yourself this car.


The car looks quite elegant and there does not seem to be any price indication which makes me want to doubt how cool this car actually could be. When it looks like the way it does, it will surely cost a lot of money. However, if you can afford a car like this, you really should go ahead and get yourself this car immediately.

Via: Carbon Fiber Gear

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