Emili Manrique Designs a Multi-Purpose Table

Sometimes we feel very hungry while we are at work but it’s always not convenient to go to the office pantry and nibble on some food. This is even worse in the case of a sedentary job where one literally plunks himself/herself hours together without eating anything. Emili Manrique designs a table, which is used both as work and dinner table.


The flat surface almost a square shape table has different tiny sections to place a laptop, pen stand, notebooks, files, etc and, on the other side it has an eating space as well. So, you can work and eat on the same table simultaneously. The idea is not bad but it’s not professional to eat at the office work desk. It’s work and not food that should be given the highest priority while in office.

Somehow, it’s just not civilized to much on food from the work desk in office. There is always the cafeteria to visit for eating. Moreover, it’s not at all healthy to keep plunking by the chair always but if you are allowed to eat from your work desk, it’s quite possible that you will not go to the cafeteria. However, this is good enough for the folks who do freelancing jobs from their homes.

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