Arc Shower System: A Beautiful Way to Recycle Water

There are things that are amazingly sensible and there are those that actually do not make any sense at all. Take for example this nice looking Arc which has been designed by D.K. & Wei Design. The Arc is a special and well designed shower system that not just looks good but also recycles bath water in order make the user feel less guilty.

It recycles hot water in no time, and you would not have to worry about anything except just taking the bath with water at the right temperature. However, just like someone said at Yanko Design, there is no reason why people must make such a hue and cry whe it comes to wst8ing water at the bathroom.

Anyway, movie stars waste so much of water while trying to recrate flood situations an tsunamis. If you are still hell bent upon saving money, you really should go ahead and get yourself this stylish and chic Arc. I would love to have it myself, but I guess it is not in the market yet.


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