SunBrite TV Withstands Nature’s Wrath & Modern Lifestyle Ways

Well with the televisions so far, both size and style are no longer an issue with any of our increasing lifestyle demands. But that was no reason for SunBrite TV to not go the extra distance. Its all new CEDIA 2009 TV is resistant to a host of things like weather, water, dirt and insects. Voila, and we thought such a TV could never be a reality!

We do know that these natural things have harmed our idiot boxes time and again. Even the buzzing insects who like to stick to your television screen can do more harm than is actually believed. Not just that, this all new entertainment gadget comes equipped with a corrosion-resistant, powder-coated aluminum exterior that provides the ultimate protection to your internal TV components.

The contrast ratio of the panel is as high as 4,000:1. There is an anti-reflective, impact-and scratch-resistant window that supports the exterior while reducing the glare. Even the picture quality gets improved due to this. The TV can also withstand as high as 122 degrees. The price tag reads $6,995.

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