Tibetan Mastiff Becomes World’s Most Expensive Dog At 350,000 Pounds

It’s finally been proved: this world is going to the dogs. These days, you have transportation especially for dogs and even luxury spas directed at the furry friends of humans. It also turns out that whether dog is man’s best friend or not, it’s a woman that is dog’s best friend.

A Chinese woman recently bought a Tibetan Mastiff for 4 million yuan (350,000 pounds) making the dog, Yangtze River Number Two, the world’s most expensive dog at the moment. Yangtze is 18 months old and reached its new mistress’ house in extreme style, accompanied by a motorcade of 30 cars. The dog had gained so much popularity that by the time it reached the airport, a group had gathered to celebrate its arrival.

There are several rumours flying around about why the dog’s new owner, Mrs. Wang, chose to pay so much for the dog. One of it is that she had spent some time searching for the perfect Tibetan Mastiff. There is also a rumour that she may be buying the dog a 52 carat diamond collar called Amour Amour which costs 1.08m pounds. Phew!

Via: TimesOnline
tibetan mastiff

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