Phillipe’s Sky Moon Tourbillion, The Most Complicated Watch Ever To Go On Auction

Swiss manfucturer Patek Phillipe has the world’s most complicated wristwatch ever to his credit. And this exclusive luxury watch called the double-faced Sky Moon Tourbillon is to go on sale on October 7 at Patrizzi and Co.’s Madison Avenue showroom. The estimated price tag, we are told, lies between $1.1 million and $1.3 million.

You must be wondering what exactly does makes this timepiece complicated. Well for starters, it is a rare combinaion of 18-carat yellow gold that has a black dial display for a perpetual calendar and minute repeater. Again, there is a cool tourbillion escapement too. And if that wasn’t complicated enought, then turn to the reverse side of the dial that shows a sky chart and sidereal time.

Since we know how traditional this auction if going to be, it will also sell two limited-edition sets by Patek Phillipe. So far a total of 150 watches are lined up to be auctioned off. These include a set of four platinum watches with Barques dials, a set of four white gold Birds of Paradise wristwatched. The watches will be opened for public viewing only on Saturday, October 3 till October 6.

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