Nexus Core Is The New Techie Way To Good Fun & Games For Your Kids

You will agree when we say that the jungle gym isn’t the fun that it used to be when were little. Do no fret, we are not campainging against our dearest retreat in the days of childhood. Just that the young turks today aren’t really impressed with the play structure. Gen-Y needs a toy that is in tune with the times. Enter Nexus Core. This is a design that readily combines organic forms to a raw architectural style that will appeal to the curious side of your child instantly.

We recommend this toy because it is claimed to stimulate action and excite any imagination. The sci-fi look is deliberate to entice the child’s sense of adventure. Plus it has many challeges to offer, there by ensuring that the kids do not have a single boring moment. And since the activity is vigorous, you can be sure of an early bed time too.

And this is trageted at 7-14 year olds. All sorts of shapes like curves, ellipses and angles create a never ending maze of fun. Each part of Nexus can be climbed on. It has been made in a hot dipped galvanized steel structure. The powder coat keeps its safe. Plus there is a tamper-proof atmosphere maintained throughout its structure.

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