CUBE TV Cabinet By Dalcans Design May Be The Best Of The Lot

TV may have originally been a source of entertainment but for a lot of youngsters it is also the direction in which all the furniture in the room is turned towards. When something decides the decor of your house, then it becomes the most important thing in the room.

Televisions should never be left on the top of a simple cabinet; no, something this awesome should be given the place of pride in the midst of a super-cool cabinet made especially for it. CUBE is a TV cabinet that is so cool, it may just put the TV in it to shame. The extremely futuristic looking hi-tech cabinet is made from black lacquered wood and has gilded mirrors accentuating its glimmering surfaces. The CUBE television cabinet can hold a television of 32 inches and it includes cool built-in speakers as well.

Made by Dalcans Design, the CUBE television cabinet costs nearly $22,000. Dalcans Design is known for the production of customised audio-visual equipment and furniture and the luxury status of these products. The CUBE would be the perfect home entertainment system: efficient and glamorous.

design cube

Via: Dalcans
design cube

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