AMD Eyefinity Makes One Big Screen Out Of Six Displays

Some things just have to be done on a big screen. Take the World of Warcraft games, for instance, how could you ever think of playing it on a 12 inch screen laptop? No, you absolutely require something with a bigger screen!

Some gaming systems have come out with dual and triple screens but often come attached with the kind of price tags that makes most of us fear our hearts may give way. This latest feature by AMD comes as a blessing for those individuals who always wished they could connect multiple displays and make up one big solo screen.

Connecting different displays to one system makes each screen work on its own. However, with the Eyefinity feature in the upcoming Radeons, multiple displays can be connected to the system and the feature allows the displays to be used as a whole unit because the operating system reads it as one. The AMD Radeons would flaunt 3 to 6 screens for the users that would act as a single display. This feature would take entertainment to a completely intoxicating level!


Via: MaximumPC/HotHardware

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