Eneloop’s Flashlight plus mood lamp

I have a perfectly good flashlight somewhere in one of my cabinets- not only have I never used it; I have never found it at the right time. Right when I need it, I fumble around, hit my big toe on the side of the couch and give up- needing a band aid more than the flashlight at the end of it all! The last time I did find my flashlight, it was not working from lack of usage!

From Sanyo’s energy efficient brand, Eneloop (better known for its line of rechargeable batteries) comes a flashlight that promises to solve my problem. This flashlight doubles up as an elegant and sleek mood lamp for the house. This rechargeable lamp cum flashlight can provide white light for the room for three hours, dim night light for 45 hours, or blue, romantic ambient light for 16 hours. A built-in accelerometer senses when you pick it up and automatically switches on the flashlight which can last up to 6 hours. A small circular stand acts as a charger.


The lamp cum flashlight is a great gift idea. It is supposed to be available from 11th September and the price has not been fixed yet.

Via mocoloco

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