Samsung’s fully automated vacuum clever cleaner- Furot II

If I had a nickel for every time I have wished for a wand to just zap the house chores done! We are all guilty of postponing the vacuuming. I, for one, try to avoid it altogether by not cutting paper near the carpet or getting my shoes on the rug. But now we needn’t try to escape the chore; with Samsung’s new fully automated robot vacuum cleaner, we can sit back n let the cleaning begin.

Samsung is showing their completely automatic and almost self reliant vacuum cleaner named Furot II at the IFA. The Furot II has the usual suction pump, a two-sided brush to clean inaccessible areas and an ultralow noise level. However this smart cleaning device also has an integrated camera and Visionary Mapping System that allows the robot cleaner to see, think and remember.


Furot II uses its camera to determine its location and the sensors help to avoid all possible obstructions while moving from one room to another, like furniture and stairs. A fully charged Furot II is able to clean the house for about 90 minutes (single charge) but in case the battery is running low, recharge it on the charging station and it will automatically resume cleaning from where it left. It even remembers to go back to the charging station when the battery is low again. There’s a manual mode too where the user can send Furot II back to its station by pressing a button on the remote.

The price of this clever cleaner is not out yet- I do hope it is within our budgets to make cleaning a dream!

Via Samsung

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